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AAA 11-man Playoff Bracket
Printable Brackets: PDF | Excel
Season Awards
Quarterfinal Round
Friday, October 30
Game 1
Time: 4:30
Location: FargoDome
East #1 Seed (7-2)
Fargo South "Bruins"
Fargo South "Bruins"
West #4 Seed (3-6)
Dickinson High "Midgets"
Game 2
Time: 7:30
Location: Bismarck Comm. Bowl
West #2 Seed (7-2)
Bismarck Century "Patriots"
Bis. Century "Patriots"
East #3 Seed (6-3)
GF Red River "Roughriders"
Game 3
Time: 4:30
Location: Bismarck Comm. Bowl
West #1 Seed (9-0)
Bismarck High "Demons"
Bismarck "Demons"
East #4 Seed (2-7)
Fargo North "Spartans"
Game 4
Time: 7:30
Location: FargoDome
East #2 Seed (6-3)
West Fargo "Packers"
West Fargo "Packers"
West #3 Seed (6-3)
Minot High "Magicians"
Semifinal Round
Saturday, November 7
Game 5
Time: 1:30
Location: FargoDome
East #1 Seed (8-2)
Fargo South "Bruins"
Fargo South "Bruins"
West #2 Seed (8-2)
Bismarck Century "Patriots"
Game 6
Time: 1:00
Location: Bismarck Comm. Bowl
West #1 Seed (10-0)
Bismarck High "Demons"
Bismarck "Demons"
East #2 Seed (7-3)
West Fargo "Packers"
Championship Game
Saturday, November 14
Championship Game-Game 7
Time: 20 min. after AA Champ. Game
Location: FargoDome
East #1 Seed (9-2)
Fargo South "Bruins"
Bismarck "Demons"
West #1 Seed (11-0)
Bismarck High "Demons"
First Team: All-State:

Michael Oberlander-Bismarck Century-Offensive Lineman-Senior
Nick Nelson-Bismarck High-Offensive Lineman-Junior
Shawn Jenner-Bismarck High-Offensive Lineman-Senior
Zac Johnson-Fargo South-Offensive Lineman-Senior
Gerad Fugelberg-Fargo South-Offensive Lineman-Senior
Jordan Piatz-Jamestown-Wide Receiver-Senior
Garrett Jacobs-Bismarck Century-Wide Receiver-Senior
Nick Joliffe-Bismarck High-Wide Receiver-Senior
Jake Miller-Bismarck High-Running Back-Senior
Dante' Smart-Minot High-Running Back-Senior
Esley Thorton-Bismarck High-Quarterback-Senior

Skye Miller-Bismarck High-Defensive Lineman-Senior
Joe Swegarden-Fargo North-Defensive Lineman-Junior
Bryce O'Neill-GF Red River-Defensive Lineman-Senior
Carson Winkels-Bismarck High-Linebacker-Senior
Josh Hooey-Fargo South-Linebacker-Senior
Tyler Gefroh-GF Red River-Linebacker-Senior
Scott Schiller-West Fargo-Linebacker-Senior
Bruce Govig-Bismarck Century-Linebacker-Senior
Calvin Krueger-Bismarck High-Defensive Back-Senior
Elby Pope-GF Red River-Defensive Back-Senior
Isaiah Steinwand-Minot High-Defensive Back-Junior

Jon Morken-West Fargo-Senior
Adam Boe-Fargo South-Junior
Bryce Jorgenson-West Fargo-Senior

Second Team: All-State: Preston Blinsky-Bismarck Century-Senior
Jesse Kartes-Bismarck Century-Senior
Ethan Smallbeck-Bismarck Century-Senior
Austin Hibl-Dickinson High-Junior
Levi Keck-Dickinson High-Junior
Lucas Lupo-Dickinson High-Senior
Nate Moody-Dickinson High-Junior
Ben Mohr-Fargo North-Senior
Matt Achter-Fargo South-Senior
Sam Callahan-Fargo South-Senior
Pat Crowe-Fargo South-Senior
Brock Larson-Fargo South-Junior
Cordarious Lucky-Fargo South-Senior
Grant Parks-GF Central-Junior
Michael Bangs-Jamestown-Senior
Alex Looysen-Jamestown-Senior
Austin Riopelle-Mandan-Senior
Wayne Rindy-Minot High-Senior
Brock Keller-Minot High-Senior
Jonas Tengesdahl-Minot High-Junior
Wayne Zietz-Minot High-Senior
Jacob Bucholz-West Fargo-Senior
Jacob Kiefer-West Fargo-Senior
Ross Montgomery-West Fargo-Senior
Brady Schwartz-West Fargo-Junior
Alex Hanson-Williston-Senior
Class 3A Coach of the Year: Jay Gibson, West Fargo
Class 3A Senior Athlete of the Year: Esley Thorton, Bismarck High
Class 3A Senior Athlete nominees:
EAST REGION: Jordan Piatz, Jamestown
WEST REGION: Esley Thorton, Bismarck High
North Dakota Gatorade Football Player of the Year: Esley Thorton, Bismarck High

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