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Returning Placewinners

Class A | Class B

Returning State Placewinners-Class A
Wrestler-Team-Place at Weight Class-Last Year's Grade
Anjelo Shepard-Fargo North-1st at 103-7th
Paul Michaelson-Williston-2nd at 103-8th
Cole Mehring-Fargo South-3rd at 103-8th
Ryan Blees-Bismarck High-4th at 103-7th
Zac Doty-Valley City-5th at 103-7th
Josten Richter-GF Red River-6th at 103-11th
Eric Forde-Fargo South-1st at 112-10th
Justin Brown-Dickinson High-2nd at 112-11th
Kirby Kain-Williston-3rd at 112-10th
Zach Bossingham-Jamestown-4th at 112-8th
Josh McCormick-Bis. St. Mary's-5th at 112-9th
Dillon Solberg-Wahpeton-6th at 112-10th
Pat Rollins-Wahpeton-1st at 119-11th
Kameron Hamley-TMCHS-2nd at 119-10th
Tom Kuehn-West Fargo-3rd at 119-10th
Eddie Maisey-Williston-4th at 119-9th
Cody Hilzendeger-Bis. Century-5th at 119-11th
Keenan Ternes-Mandan-6th at 119-9th
Dustin Brendel-Bismarck High-1st at 125-10th
Neil Kienzle-Bis. St. Mary's-2nd at 125-11th
Matt Wright-GF Central-3rd at 125-11th
Brock Krumm-Bis. St. Mary's-4th at 125-10th
Drew Spaulding-Bismarck High-1st at 130-10th
Caleb Meide-Wahpeton-5th at 130-11th
Joe Schumacher-Bismarck High-1st at 135-10th
Morgan Axelson-Williston-4th at 135-11th
Brock Davidson-Devils Lake-5th at 135-11th
Brandon Larson-Valley City-6th at 135-9th
Zach Neer-West Fargo-2nd at 140-10th
Ethan Dockter-Bismarck High-5th at 140-9th
Tate Schwagler-Mandan-2nd at 145-10th
Tyrell Miller-Bis. Century-3rd at 145-10th
Jacob Hoffart-Minot High-4th at 145-11th
Marcus Bausman-Minot High-5th at 145-10th
Lucas Moderow-Fargo South-6th at 145-10th
Kip Jangula-Bismarck High-5th at 152-9th
Luke Paper-Fargo South-6th at 152-11th
Joe Latham-Bismarck High-1st at 160-11th
Eric Lehmann-Wahpeton-4th at 160-10th
Jacob Sargent-Williston-5th at 160-9th
Ross Edison-Bis. Century-4th at 171-11th
Edward Wilkie-TMCHS-6th at 171-11th
Scott Schiller-West Fargo-1st at 189-11th
Tanner Jones-Fargo South-2nd at 189-11th
Keaton Hanevold-GF Red River-4th at 189-10th
Payton DeCoteau-TMCHS-1st at 215-11th
Nick Nelson-Bismarck High-4th at 215-10th
Taylor Hellman-Mandan-6th at 215-10th

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Gerad Fugelberg-Fargo South-2nd at 285-11th
Alex Andel-Valley City-3rd at 285-10th
Donovan Sorenson-Williston-4th at 285-11th
Joe Jackson-Bis. Century-6th at 285-10th
Returning State Placewinners-Class B
Place at Weight Class-Last Year's Grade-This Year's Weight Class
Blake Bosch-South Border-1st at 103-8th
Cody Voegeli-Oakes-2nd at 103-9th
Cody Neumiller-New Salem-3rd at 103-9th
Ryan Becker-Napoleon-4th at 103-9th
Dylan Urbach-Lisbon-5th at 103-7th
Adam Dean-Velva-Garrison-Max-6th at 103-8th
Dustin Schmeiss-Harvey-7th at 103-9th
Logan Eisenbeis-Beulah-Hazen-8th at 103-8th
Brady Coleman-Oakes-3rd at 112-10th
Paul Rohrich-Linton-4th at 112-11th
Brett Schurman-North Border-Cav.-6th at 112-9th
Jacob Perlichek-Des Lacs-Burl.-7th at 112-11th
Preston Koenig-Central Cass-8th at 112-9th
Matt Ruby-Des Lacs-Burl.-1st at 119-11th
Deven Loepp-Oakes-2nd at 119-10th
Jacob Laber-Carrington-3rd at 119-11th
Jess Hall-New Town-4th at 119-9th
Sean Elkins-Hettinger-5th at 119-9th
Kyle Brown-North Border-Cav.-6th at 119-11th
Garrett Thompson-Rugby-7th at 119-10th
Jordan Mann-Beulah-Hazen-8th at 119-11th
Brady Lund-Watford City-2nd at 125-9th
Mikey Rusk-New Salem-3rd at 125-11th
Jared Reis-Napoleon-4th at 125-9th
Cody White-Des Lacs Burl.-5th at 125-10th
Braden Overson-Ken.-Tioga-Ray-7th at 125-10th
Cody Idso-May-Port CG-8th at 125-10th
Sheldon Dewald-Napoleon-1st at 130-10th
Lance Ehrlin-Oakes-2nd at 130-11th
Cole Gentzkow-LaMoure-4th at 130-11th
Austyn Kittelson-Velva-Gar.-Max-5th at 130-11th
Cole Moch-Linton-HMB-7th at 130-10th
Brandon Gussiaas-Carrington-8th at 130-10th
Michael Nord-Lisbon-1st at 135-10th
Willson Hallaway-Rolla-RL-SJ-2nd at 135-10th
James Murphy-Carrington-3rd at 135-11th
Garett Slater-Hettinger-4th at 135-11th
Josh Dullea-Central Cass-5th at 135-11th
Tyler Anderson-Hillsboro-6th at 135-10th

Chris Bahm-Carrington-1st at 140-11th
Jared Weinand-Beulah-Hazen-4th at 140-11th
Taylor Ptacek-Oakes-6th at 140-11th
Jay Thomas-Watford City-8th at 140-10th

Billy Hall-New Town-1st at 145-10th
Tanner Boeddeker-Hillsboro-CV-3rd at 145-11th
Ryan Block-Beulah-Hazen-6th at 145-11th
Anthony LaFontaine-Minot Ryan-7th at 145-10th
Billy Vetsch-South Border-8th at 145-11th

Nate Seeger-New Salem-2nd at 152-11th
Kyle Bahm-Carrington-3rd at 152-10th
Scorpio Fields-Beach-4th at 152-11th
Tyler Christen-Minot Ryan-5th at 152-11th
Kalin Mogen-Watford City-7th at 152-10th
Craig Poitra-Rolla-RL-SJ-8th at 152-11th

Michael Bonn-Rolla-RL-SJ-4th at 160-11th
Jordan Mittleider-Carrington-7th at 160-10th
Ethan Plemel-Oakes-5th at 171-11th
Justin Deede-South Border-7th at 171-10th

Devin Olson-South Border-4th at 189-10th
Devin Steele-Beach-7th at 189-11th
Logan McLean-Central Cass-8th at 189-11th


Zach Oedden-Rugby-3rd at 215-10th
Eric Danks-New Town-5th at 215-11th
Cody Kasprick-Oakes-6th at 215-11th

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Cash Biel-Carrington-4th at 285-11th
Levi Roemmich-Linton-HMB-5th at 285-10th
Seth Anderson-Rolla-RL-SJ-7th at 285-9th
Alex Brandenburger-E-E-K-8th at 285-10th

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